bandmembersAYANBINRIN AND HER TIWANTIWA BAND was formed on the 7th of April, 2003 with the intention of bringing out the best in African Traditional Rhythms and dance steps. Hence, it is a fifteen-man-band of selected, tested and assorted young talents.

The band style is characterized by flamed polyrhythm of drums ranging from the Dundun Family to the Bata Family, Gudugudu, kanago, e.t.c. Therefore, the drumming skills and the acrobatic displays of the band synchronize and enhance the quality of their performances, both home and abroad.

However, the band creates a lively relationship between them and the audience when performing their musical art. Although it is true that Drums has its own language called EDE AYAN which is fundamentally different from human speech and there is a saying in Yoruba land that explains these; ko seni to m ede ayan bi eni to mo pa e lowo, eni to gbe Omele lowo lo le mohun tomele n so translating no one can understand the language of the drum as he who beats the drum, he that carries the Omele drum can only tell what the drum is saying.

bandmembers Also when the yorubas say lowe lowe la n lulu OGIDIGBO, ologbon nii joo ,omoran si ni moo translating the OGIDIGBO drum is beaten in proverbs, only the wise can weave its dance, only the knowledgeable can decode its meaning, this simply means that the language of the drum is not understood by all except some born into the lineage of the drummers (Ayan families) or trained ears .

Ayanbinrin and her Tiwantiwa band adopt a RESPONSORIAL STYLE. Where AYANBINRIN THE MOTHER DRUM herself leads by beating a statement which is basically from Traditional lyrics like:(proverbs, maxims and wise sayings), and other drummers in the ensemble performs the refrain or echo. Sometimes, the back-up singers interpret for the benefit of those that cannot depict the drum lore.